About Us

Vonvenera Fashion aims to be the leading supplier of a wide range of high quality women’s fashion.


At Vonvenera Fashion, we fully understand that shopping for clothes is not simply just another tedious chore. It is an exciting adventure, filled with discovery and happiness! As a resident of Trinidad, unfortunately our shopping experience can sometimes be rather limited due to the high cost of clothing. With our exclusive collection of attractively-priced women’s apparel that has been carefully and lovingly selected from international brands, you can finally afford to own the wardrobe of your dreams without having to spend a fortune or make use of international online stores and third-party couriers!


Whether you are looking for a stylish new dress, a uniquely-designed top, some chic trousers or almost anything else you can think of in the way of affordable fashion, here at Vonvenera Fashion we have exactly what you are looking for. Our garments are available for purchase online or in our physical store.


Just as our name suggests, Vonvenera Fashion (“venera” being a literal translation for Venus) was inspired by the Roman goddess of beauty and love. As such, the aim of our fashion line is to encourage you to celebrate your own unique sense of style and individuality.


We can offer our clients a wide range of diversity, as well as a plethora of beautifully assorted styles to complement any taste. Our pieces can be bought together or alone to mix and match and make the most amazing gifts for that special someone in your life!


With passion, a great love for fashion, great customer service, innovation and culture being the cornerstone of everything we do here at Vonvenera Fashion, our ultimate goal is to encourage and inspire our clients to start a conversation with their style.


Vonvenera Fashion Team.